Dear Customers / Enquirer

Injex UK Ltd has ceased trading as a result of difficulty in obtaining supply of Needle free products and increasing prices.

Any enquiries about this announcement and needle free products in general should be forwarded to EOB Distribution Ltd ( who have been selling and distributing Injex and compatible needle free products in the recent past.

The manufacturers of the identical specification product, until now supplied through Injex UK and EOB Distribution are:-

Injex GmbH in Germany - FDA approved for the US market (

Miracle Medical in Singapore - CE approved for the UK market (

These manufacturers do not support direct supply and we are not aware of alternative distributors for these products

New Enquiries

Please be advised that we will not be able to help you specifically to find alternatives but would suggest that in any search online you consider 'Insujet' (marketed in the UK through Spirit Healthcare) and 'Comfort In'

Existing Customers of Injex and EOB Distribution

We regret this closure and hope that the above manufacturers will establish new Distributors in time. In the interim we would suggest that all Customers requiring CE approved supply try to order a quantity of Ampoule and Adaptors for one year from us in the hope that this will allow sufficient time for new distributors to open up across the EU. We will endeavour to obtain supplies to cater for this with a view to discontinuing all order fulfilment by the end of November 2020.

It will not be possible for us to do this for the US market as we cannot obtain supply.

If this is not possible we suggest that you consider 'Insujet' (marketed in the UK through Spirit Healthcare for humans only) and 'Comfort In'(for humans and dogs) as potential alternatives and have these on file as a back-up if an alternative source of supply does not materialise.

Thank you to all our Customers for your support since we started supplying Needle Free products in 2012, we wish you all the best for the future

yours faithfully

Mike O'Brien - Managing Director
EOB Distribution Ltd / Injex UK Ltd

Through the skin in a fraction of a second without a needle.