Injex is so easy to use

Just draw the dose into the ampoule. Load the ampoule into the injector. Press the trigger. Gentle, safe and just as effective as a needle injection. Say goodbye to needles.


Through the skin in a fraction of a second.

With the reusable INJEX30 injector the insulin is pushed through a micro orifice with precisely measured pressure in between the superficial skin cells into the tissue below in a fraction of a second.

The necessary pressure is provided by a charged spring.


Tissue preserving and safe:

Patients who have a strong tendency to suffer from scar formation resulting from several needle injections a day (Diabetes) should try to inject with tissue-preserving INJEX


Very safe Injection:

Trials with this system have shown that the extremely fine jet of insulin spreads through the subcutaneous fatty tissue and selects the path of least resistance.

In effect no damage to blood vessels, nerve fibres or osseous tissue have been observed.


Injex Media for Diabetes

A selection of videos showing Injex being used gently, safely and just as effectively as a needle injection around the world.

Through the skin in a fraction of a second with no needles, and less pain.Purchase Injex online today to be free of needles.