Injex is so easy to use

Just draw the dose into the ampoule. Load the ampoule into the injector. Press the trigger. Gentle, safe and just as effective as a needle injection. Say goodbye to needles.

Easy and safe to use.

No special skills required to use INJEX:

You simply fill the ampoule especially developed for the system with your preferred choice of insulin.

Replaceable adapters and a reusable transporter enable you to transfer the insulin quickly and easily from all the usual types of containers into the sterile ampoule.

After the ampoule has been filled, it is screwed into the injector.

Once prepared, release the safety catch and place the injector firmly and at a 90 degree angle on the skin at the appropriate site for a subcutaneous injection.

Exert slight pressure on the trigger of the INJEX and the injection is carried out in a fraction of a second. Hold the injector at the injection site for three to four seconds after the injection has been carried out.

It is important that the injector is placed firmly and at a 90 degree angle on the skin at the injection site.

Trials with this system have shown that the 0.18 mm fine jet of insulin spreads through the subcutaneous fatty tissue and selects the route of least resistance. In effect no damage to blood vessels, nerve fibres or osseous tissue has been observed. The thinnest needle has a comparatively thick diameter of 0.25 mm.

The subsequent disposal of the ampoule is carried out without the risk of injury from unintended needle-sticks. The used ampoule which is manufactured using the high-tech plastic Makrolon from Bayer can be disposed of as normal domestic waste.

The required units of insulin must not be altered when you change to INJEX. If you have any questions, please call the Pharmacy Helpine on 0845 116 8901.

The benefits at a glance:

Insulin injection without a needle – virtually painless

No scar tissue or nodules which can be experienced with needles

Without risk of injury or infection from needle stick injuries

Compact and can be used everywhere

Fast, easy and safe in use and effect

Insulin with different periods of effect can be mixed (mixture as recommended by manufacturer)

Can be used with all licensed types of insulin

Reusable, long-lasting and low in maintenance

In brief: INJEX makes life a whole lot easier for diabetics.

Injex Media for Diabetes

A selection of videos showing Injex being used gently, safely and just as effectively as a needle injection around the world.

Through the skin in a fraction of a second with no needles, and less pain.Purchase Injex online today to be free of needles.