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With INJEX the Needle free, drug delivery system, licensed and tested in September 1999, you can make your life substantially easier.

INJEX 30 is a needle free injector that delivers a fine stream of medication subcutaneously (under the skin) without using a needle. Injections with the INJEX30 are “virtually” pain-free and do not lead to tissue damage in long term use. What more can you ask for, from this value-for-money-device? INJEX30 is the right choice if you, your relatives or any of your friends have diabetes and need to inject insulin daily. Also, this is the best choice in juvenile diabetes for children 7 years of age and above. INJEX30 alleviates the fear of needles as it is needle-free. INJEX30 can also be used to inject all subcutaneous medications like LMW Heparin, certain vaccines (like MMR), growth hormones, Interferon, local/dental anesthetics, meso cocktails, etc.

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Injex™ Equidyne Systems has developed highly innovative needle-free drug delivery technology. The company has more than 10 years of experience designing, developing, manufacturing and distributing only needle-free technology. After years of concentrated R&D, several major technological improvements have resulted in the current highly advanced models known as the Injex Soft Shot™ series of devices. Injex is located in Anaheim, California USA and has two international offices located in Germany, and Japan which support a worldwide sales and distribution network in 55 countries.


Injex 30™
The Injex 30 needle-free injection product is intended for use to administer subcutaneous needle-free injections for doses of 0.3 ml or less down to doses as small as 0.05 ml ( 5 units) Injex 30 is a reusable injector system that incorporates a sterile single-use disposable ampoule that holds the drug dose. The ampoule allows for variable doses to be drawn from either a conventional glass vial as well as from other types of medication containers. Injex 30 now incorporates the new Soft Shot features.


Download "A Future free from needles" .pdf for more information.

Download "Risk of accidental Intramuscular Injection of Insulin" .pdf for more information

Through the skin in a fraction of a second with no needles, and less pain.